Apr 5, 2010

Surgery Is Finished

They paged/called with hourly updates letting us know she was fine. It always feels weird to be at the mall (which happens to be just down the road a few blocks) shopping while your child is under the knife. But it really does make the time pass more quickly. And the distraction helps calm the anxiety. I was able to find a dress at Hanna Andersson that I think might fit over the cast, so the poor girl doesn't have to wear adult size t-shirts. I'm not sure if the Baby Legs are going fit over the cast this time around since it's 2 1/2 years later my guess is it'd be a tight squeeze to get them on. I also picked up a few new books for her. I suspect she's going to need a distraction when the anesthesia wears off, and certainly it'll be good when we get home and she can't move around. Oh, and I found the cutest set of Calico Critters. A little mouse in a wheelchair with a cast and a bunny nurse. Ainsley loves Evie's Calico Critters so this is perfect! Maybe it'll help her to act out what she's going through with the critters. I'm dreading her waking up miserable. I'm saying I'm sorry with gifts. I hope it works. 

They gave her an epidural. That way they can block the area for the next couple days without having to give her too many narcotics. That's a relief, the pain from all those cuts in her bones....Yikes. They had blood on order (typically it's that kind of surgery) but luckily she didn't need it. Her vitals remained good. They are finished and putting the cast on her as we speak.  Then I imagine it will take quite awhile before she gets out of recovery and we get a room and I have a chance to update again.


  1. I'm so glad that her surgery is over, and that it went well. I'm sending best wishes for a good, fast recovery!

  2. They don't call it retail therapy for nothing! Glad you were able to find a few things for her to use now. How long is her expected stay? (I may have missed that.)

  3. Hugs to your family Susan, I am so happy to hear the surgery went well!

    Checked the link on the dress...LOVE!

    I can imagine your nerves during this time..