Feb 2, 2015

Ainsley's Hammock Swing

Recently a fellow blogger was writing about how her daughter could benefit from more vestibular stimulation.When a child's ability to create their own vestibular stimulation is limited we have to look to other ways for them to get that. This is important for kids with Cerebellar Hypoplasia and is the primary reason that we installed a hammock swing in our TV room back in 2012, since in rainy Seattle it isn't always enjoyable to use the one we have outside. Putting a swing inside our house was one of the best things we've done. In addition to swinging Ainsley very quickly started putting her arms over the hammock so that she could spin herself in circles. Any busy special needs mom knows that the best "therapies" are fun and if the child can do it without assistance then that is even better!

Here is a link to where you can purchase the SouthPaw rotational device. The carabiners I got at REI.  Here is a link to where you can purchase the same handmade hammock swing we have, from HangLoose Hammocks. Or here is a swing chair that could be used for a child that needs more enclosure, or this one for a child that needs even more support. There are no doubt countless options to suit your needs if you look around. The bonus for us is that it solved a seating issue in our TV room. The big kids sometimes fight over who gets to sit there. Every kid who comes to visit loves it too.

It's fun, it's a place for anyone to sit, it's therapeutic, it's awesome!