Oct 24, 2015

Ainsley Turns 9!

For Ainsley's 9th birthday, on the 18th, we spent the day at Remlinger Farms. When the kids were younger we used to take them there in the fall to get pumpkins because their fall festival is so much fun! This year my sister Leah suggested a pumpkin farm outing so we decided to wait and do it on Ainsley's birthday since it is pretty close. Evie and Adrian are a bit old for this place but they still had a great time! It was fun to spend time with cousins Issabella and Owen. At age 4 &5 they are the perfect age for the rides and special fun at Remlinger Farms. 

The grounds are expansive and this is just a glimpse of the property.

We started with a train ride around the grounds.

There are so many scarecrows around the property. It's so fun for the kids.

A pair of unlikely friends.

They had a blast riding the antique cars. The word is that they were retired from the Seattle Center. Ainsley had a blast driving our car!

Couldn't resist this photo op for my girl who loves dinosaurs. 
I love the message! We love old fashioned fun!

Grinding corn.

Feeding the animals.

E&A have a little thing about who is tallest. It won't be much longer that Evie can pretend she is taller, though Adrian is only recently turned 12. I love the way they are together.

The kids were sweet riding the rides with Ainsley. 

Evie was a rockstar climbing the wall! 

Ainsley tried crawling through the hay maze but didn't love the feeling of the hay on her hands but she made her way through walking with Steve. We couldn't do the corn maze out in the rain with the mud and wheelchair so the hay maze had to do. I was proud that she went in the hay pile. A lot of kids with sensory issues wouldn't get near this place. It was a sensory experience like no other! 

 Auntie Sarah was such a great sport playing with the kids in the hay pile!

After Remlinger's we went back to the house for cake and a bit of food. I thought Ainlsey would get a kick out of the 2 foot sandwich. We kept it simple and it was a great day for our special girl. All week she'd been pointing to a picture of the cake on her Courduroy's Birthday book.  In this video you can see just how happy she was about her cake! *(The bakery let me come back after hours and write the message on the cake since they didn't have someone to do it. I was so glad we went to the trouble. It was her favorite color, yellow. Perfect!)