Jun 18, 2012

Frontalis Sling Surgery - 72 Hours Post Surgery

Ainsley 72 hours post-surgery. There is still a fair amount of swelling. Her lids are thick. That makes it difficult to judge the outcome of the surgery. My gut is telling me that her resting position isn't going to be as high as the surgeon thought. He said they would be about where they are at in the picture below, when she was 9 months old.

I don't think so just because of how they look at the moment but in part because we expected her eyes to be open a bit while she sleeps and they aren't. But again, the swelling may be the cause. It's just hard to imagine them going from the above photo to the below. I do think she'll get good lift from her brows when she chooses to use them. Right now I think she's too swollen and sore but every now and then she lifts them and they shoot right up. At the moment she doesn't look much different than pre-surgery. I'm hoping for a higher resting position, but I'm trying my hardest to reserve judgement until she is more healed.

People who find this blog by Googling "ptosis" or "frontalis sling" should know that Ainsley's eyes were badly effected by a craniofacial surgery when she was 9 months old. So her surgery results are probably going to be different from other kids having this surgery. I will continue to post pictures and updates.

She's not healed enough to return to school, so for Ainsley school is out for summer!

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  1. I am glad to hear that Ainsley is getting back to her usual self. I can't wait to see if her eyes turn out like they used to look when she was a baby. I also love how Ainsley is getting into more mischief. She's so cute! I loved your picture of her standing up at your sink, I think she is doing really well with her standing. I hope you guys have a great week! From, Abby