Jun 29, 2012

Frontalis Sling - 2 Weeks Post Surgery

It's hard to believe it's been 2 weeks since Ainsley's surgery. Not really. Time flies.

Things are about exactly what I thought when I first saw her. She is able to use her brow more and more all the time. That part is great. But the starting eyelid position is lower than we thought. In other words when she is relaxed her eyes aren't very open. We'll give it the 2 months until we see the surgeon again and we can then talk about whether he should bring them up more. That would be an easy procedure.

Here is what she looks like relaxed and smiling. As you can see it doesn't look a lot different from how she looked presurgery.

2 Weeks Post Ptosis Surgery Relaxed and Smiling

The next is her relaxed and not smiling because smiling seems to make her eyes close.

 This is about as open as her eyes are a lot of the day still. She's a little unhappy with me here.

Sometimes she shoots her eyes really open for a second. She doesn't have great control yet.

Every now and then she does and they seem evenly open like in this photo.

Here are two side by side where you can see how much it changes.

Think she's trying to tell me something?! She's a little tired of me looking at, talking about and taking pictures of her eyes. And unfortunately it took a LOT of attempts to get some pics with both eyes open.

This is about as good as I could get.

Even when it's just glimpses it is exciting to see her eyes. I always knew that it would make a difference in how people connect with her. She was always cute, that's for sure, but now she can really look people in the eye. Look out she's going to be melting some hearts!


  1. Wow! I can see a lot of improvements really! I know that they could be open wider though, like her resting position of her eyes could be open more. It is just SO exciting to be able to see her beautiful eyes! I just LOVE the picture of her with her eyes almost the whole way open! She looks so adorable! Ainsley, you've definitely melted my heart! :) From Abby

  2. Oh boy. She was already melting my heart! Wow! It IS exciting to see her eyes so open! xoxo

  3. Wow - Ainsley looks great. You can really tell a difference. It is exciting to see her eyes open. Give her a hug from us!