Jun 17, 2012

Frontalis Sling Surgery - Post Surgery 48 Hours

Ainsley 48 hours post surgery. Waking up happy, hooray!

It was also Father's Day. We would have liked to have been able to spend time with some of the other dads in our lives, but Ainsley needed to stay home to recover. Since we were home bound Steve decided to put up drywall in the kids' playhouse. Evie felt so bad that he was out there by himself she hung around and kept him company. I swear, I told him he didn't have to work on the drywall on Father's Day. Of course later I found out Adrian thought I did and was a little mad at me. NO I didn't make him, it's Father's Day. Sheesh! I didn't object too loudly though.

He promised me months ago he'd have this playhouse finished by 6/25 (The last day of school.) I guess he realized that's only 9 days away and his work schedule isn't letting up so if he has any hope of getting it done then or anytime close to that it was necessary. We've been wanting a playhouse for Evie since she was 2. She's 11. There isn't much time left for her to enjoy something like this, and since we are going to be home all summer while he's working his 60 hour work weeks it would be great to have it to use.  Especially since Ainsley needs to stay out of the sun because of her eyes. The shed was already here, we're just finishing it.  I am so excited imagining the summer fun!

There was a lot of silliness going on right outside while E&A kept him company.

And inside I was working on custom programming Ainsley's new communication device that we got right before I left for Cincinnati. The day before I'd done hours of programming in between loads of laundry and then lost it all accidentally in the file transfer process. %&^*^_(!!!!!!! is all I can say about that. So although I didn't want to, I felt compelled to re-do what I'd lost. I wasn't able to finish but made some progress before making dinner and in between more loads of laundry.

While I ran outside to take a few pictures of the drywall and kids' butts Ainsley was inside making mischief! She decided to get herself some water to go with the popcorn. Unfortunately she turned on the TV room sink and LEFT IT ON. The drain was plugged and there is no overflow. So all I can say is THANK GOD I walked back in to work on my programming and saw because the water was about 2 inches from the top, and it's a deep sink.

I guess she's feeling better. Don-cha-think?!

On the plus side you can see all that stretching I've been doing is paying off and she's standing quite straight. Thanks to Connie (the PT) for showing me some new more effective stretches in addition to the ones I'd been doing.

In the evening Steve did come in and play Wii with the kids. They had a blast.

After opening the flank steak I found it was bad ie. super stinky so I had to drive to TJ and exchange it.... for something "ready to grill" because my potatoes were already done....a pre-marinated fillet Mignon roast. But then the barbecue was not properly preheated and it took a long time to cook and rest so it was a VERY late dinner....but delicious and Steve's favorite (yes American salad with Thousand Island dressing is what he wanted). He's a good dad so he deserved a special meal. 

Evie made him a plant with a "D" for Daddy. No she didn't ask for:
1) the chenille stems (or if she could use my scissors to cut off all the fuzz, leaving a big mess on the patio)
2) the Forget-Me-Nots from my yard (I don't care about the weed)
3) the pot from my potting shelf

...So she lost her IPod Touch for the day. She reminds me of someone I know. Me, at about the same age. I'm trying to teach consequences before it's too late.

We had some good laughs when Steve opened Adrian's gift of a "black piece of paper". Not really. That's the back of his oil pastel drawing. 

I remembered that Ainsley had brought something home from school that she'd made. She was so happy to give it to her Daddy. It was really the sweetest thing ever.

Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day. 

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  1. These photos are wonderful, Susan. I'm sorry that we live so far away now, or else I would want to hang out at your house all the time! I'm so happy that Ainsley's surgery is over, and she is doing so many WONDERFUL new things. The picture of her standing and the look she is giving you...it's amazing.