Medical Conditions - Information and Support
Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Tracheostomy 101
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Infant and Child Hip Dysplasia
Balanced Chromosome Translocation
Genetic and Rare Diseases
United Cerebral Palsy

AAC-Augmentative and Alternative Communication
What is AAC?
Why might someone need AAC?
PraAACtical AAC Blog a fantastic source for users and SLPs
Aided Language Input here
Comparison of Symbol Sets
SEN Teacher Free Symbols for AAC use
Open Symbols
Thousands of Free Icon Symbols from PRC
Can Speech Challenged Students Get an Appropriate Eduction? By Emma, autistic non-verbal here
Angelman Syndrome Foundation Communication Training Series here
Four Blocks Literacy and Writing
Saltillo - NovaChat
Saltillo Chat Editor Software Download for NovaChat/TouchChat here
Prentke Romich - Accent
Prentke Romich NewVoice PASS software editor for Accent here
Tobii Dynavox
Proloquo2Go AAC app for IPad
Gateway Vocabulary for P2G, TouchChat, or Compass platforms here
AbleNet QuickTalker Freestyle here
Avaz AAC app for IPad and Android
AACorn app for IPad
Speak for Yourself App for IPad
JBL Clip + Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker here
Symbolstix Prime with BoardWizard
Word Highlighting Apps ttp://

Therapies and Equipment
Anat Baniel Method
MNRI (Svetlana Masgutova)
Cascade DAFO
Sure Step SMO
Adaptive Mall
Therapy Shoppe
Talk Tools
Pam Marshalla Childhood Apraxia
VitalStim Therapy
Keeping Pace Shoes for AFOs
Hatchbacks Shoes for AFOs
How to "Hack" Shoes for AFOs
AFO Shoe Goo "Hack"
Walk Easy Forearm Crutches

Special Education & Advocacy
Special Education Law (Wright's Law)
From Emotions to Advocacy
All About IEP's
Styer-Fitzgerald Functional Academics Curriculum

Protection and Advocacy All 50 States
Disability Scoop

Toilet Training for Special Needs
Toilet Training for Special Needs  - Rifton here
Toilet Training SN Toilet Training - Healthy Children here
Read about our experience.

Facebook Groups
Cerebellar Hypoplasia
AAC Resources
AAC Though Move Model and Get Out of the Way  here
Alterative Awesome Communicators here

Inspiring People
Paul Smith Typewriter Artist with CP
Sue Austin Underwater Wheelchair

Clinical Medical Trials

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