Apr 7, 2010

Half A Smile

This surgery has been hard on Miss Ainsley. She's a girl who always has a ready smile but it's been missing since Monday morning. She normally loves books. Over the past two days I offered many times to read her a book and she would say no. When I pulled the new lift the flap book out to screen of the IV pokes yesterday she looked but barely lifted a hand to open a flap. And she was "all done" rather quickly. I asked her several time if she wanted a present and she said no. Finally this evening I got a yes.

I sat the present on the tray (the store even gift wrapped it for me) and she actually signed open and help (as you can see in the picture) throughout the opening process. It was great to see her get well enough to be interested and motivated to communicate with me.

She was really checking it out. And it was great to see she had the strength to lift the box. She's a little shaky though.

Evie has been collecting Calico Critters since she was 3 so after 6 years we have a bit of a collection. This one must be new. Ainsley really likes to play Calico Critters with Evie. I knew this set was perfect the second I saw it.

Of course the first thing she wanted to do was take off that poor little mousie's cast! If only it were that easy for her. Evie is a creative genius. I'm giving her the task of creating a spica cast for the mouse when we get home. I'll have to post a picture of it.

She played with it for a little bit. We played that mousie got a shot, gave the nurse a shot and the nurse then promised to be more gentle. We gave the mousie her medicine and used the stethoscope (so cute)  and pushed the mouse around in the wheelchair.

I got half a smile. That's going to have to do for now. She seemed very tired and after her last feeding I put her on her tummy to sleep. Seems fairly comfortable as we speak. I think she's well on her way to getting better and I think when the wheelchair and car seat get here we'll be on our way home.


  1. As you well know, orthopedic surgeries are tough. I don't blame Ainsley for not being too happy just yet. I love the Calico Critters and Ainsley is too funny for pulling off the cast. I hope she continues to feel better and you get a full smile soon.

  2. The Calico Critter was a great idea!!! Not too hard to figure out what Ainsley wants most when she takes the cast off of the little mouse huh? You're a great mom...here's to hoping you make it out of there today!

  3. Ainsley pulling off the cast is really a neat story. It reminded me of when Alex was in the hospital for his LTP. We had a stuffed Big Bird that had bandaids everywhere Alex had them, and he had a pair of duckie trach ties, too. When Alex got him after the surgery, he pulled Big Bird's ear bandage off as soon as the surgeons took Alex's off. Then he reached up, and yanked off that trach tie in two seconds, signing, "All done." He was so drugged out that I'm not sure he completely understood what he was doing, but a tired, weary momma wanted to think so.

    I'm so glad she's feeling better. Here is to going home soon!

    Oh ... and what's wrong with a Hot Dog Bar? I mean, c'mon! :-)

  4. I haven't seen Calico Critters in years. Hazard of sons, I guess. What a lovely gift for Miss Ainsley!