Apr 10, 2010

SOOC Saturday - What Would You Try?

What would you try if you had no fear of failure?

This is my 3 1/2 year old daughter, Ainsley, trying to hula-hoop even though she cannot stand without support. (She was born with differences that make life a challenge for her.) That wasn't going to stop her from trying something new or having fun while she did it.

This photo was taken last week. A lot has changed in that week. She had hip reconstruction surgery and will be confined in a lower body cast for 6 weeks and a brace for another 6 weeks. We are adjusting. She is resilient. One thing I know for sure is she will be okay and amaze me. She always does. For one little girl to go through so much and be so happy.  Well....it's humbling. She's a better person than I am. 

This image is unedited (Straight Out Of Camera) for SOOC Saturday for Melody's blog Slurping Life.

I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Susan you need to personally email me right away!

  2. Gorgeous image and I am so happy you joined in!

  3. Great photo!! Ainsley is beautiful and an inspiration!

  4. That is one of the most inspiring pictures I have ever seen! Go Ainsley!

  5. What a beautiful photo! She doesn't let anything stop her. :)

    I just read a bit about her surgery and the cast she's in now. We thought our daughter was going to need that but they've given us another 6 months before we have to "really talk about it". I hope she heals quickly and you start to get more smiles soon!