Apr 10, 2010


This is a reminder to myself that stool softeners and laxatives are a surgery patient's good friends. I decided to spare you a picture to go with this post. Lucky you! I spent the better part of today "helping" Ainsley poop, in other words with my pinky up her bum (gloved and lubed of course). The things I won't do for the love of my children, especially Miss A.

After 5 days I was getting more and more worried with every feeding. I knew she needed some help. I had opted not to give her too many laxatives for fear that the change in diet (they used formula in the hospital) and then back would give her icky poop and foul up the cast. So we did about half the doses of Miralax and Docusate. It wasn't enough. Now that she got things moving I hope she feels much better. She's been cranky and I hope this was part of the reason why. Afterward I gave her oxycodone, lunch and a nap. Let's hope she wakes up a much happier girl.

Positioning is difficult. She's heavy and awkward and I'm very worried about causing her pain. It'll get easier to care for her when I no longer have to worry that turning her is making her bones rub. She doesn't like the wheelchair. Doesn't really like to watch TV. Of course she loves it when I read to her but I can't do that all day. My poor older kids have barely seen me. Of course Steve has another game deadline and had to work today. Luckily they were invited to a sleep-over birthday party so that will be fun for them, they just left.  Monday and Wednesday our nurse comes and I'll be glad of the help.

This is the adjustment period. My hope is that in a few more days Ainsley will heal enough to come off pain meds and she'll feel much better (I think they make her feel woozy). Then she can go to school and the distraction will help break up the days and make them go by faster.  I think she'll adjust but we're not there yet, still looking for our groove.

Thanks for checking in on us. We'll be okay.

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  1. Oh, Susan. I so feel for you! We have had to perform the same "operation" to help Harlie, too. And it was agony (on all parties involved)!

    I'm glad you're home. I know this time is difficult, but with each day, I hope those difficulties lessen. Ainsley will be happy again. But, you already know that. I know it sucks to see them be so miserable. I think it's so amazing to see how our feelings completely mirror theirs.

    Hang in there. Many thoughts and hugs are being sent your way. And hopes that she turns that happy corner sooner rather than later.