Dec 5, 2010

Twisted Eyelashes A Turn For the Better

Last night after calling the surgeon I had to call them again. As I spread her eyes apart to put ointment in them I noticed her lashes were tucked up INSIDE HER EYE! It was the freakiest thing to touch the area with the swab and have them all flip back out. About 1/2" worth. In case you've never noticed Ainsley has long thick lashes. This is something that can happen when the eyelids swell this much. Ouch! I was afraid that perhaps they'd scratched her eye which appear quite blood red and swollen. At the very outer corner I couldn't see lashes. I kept trying to get a better look but she was resistant and I was afraid of hurting her or further damaging the suture at that corner because it was coming apart. I called the surgeon to let them know about both the lashes that had come out as well as the missing lashes (which honestly I think they dismissed). They thought they wouldn't do anything until Tuesday, but said we could see the fellow (not the surgeon) on Monday.  It really looked like she was missing the lashes at the last 1/4" of her eye. Knowing they "shortened" her upper lid I was a little freaked out that maybe he cut off too much of her eyelid. But I tried tell myself to wait until I could really see the final result.

Dr. Sires checked in with us today and surprised us by saying he wanted us to come in today to see the fellow. So we got cleaned up and headed to their office to meet her at 3:00.

Ainsley was still pretty miserable but kind of happy to get out of the house. The swelling had come down quite a lot since yesterday as you can see she's looking pretty good.

I am so glad they brought us in to be seen. It turned out that those missing last 1/4" of lashes were still turned up inside her eye! Even the doctor missed it the first time she looked. Then she put some dye in her eye to make sure there were no scratches on her cornea and there weren't. Hooray! We'll be using lots of antibiotic ointment in her eyes to be sure she doesn't get an infection. And they want to see her back Tuesday to look at where that lower lid is coming apart.

Then we stopped for milkshakes and fries. Ainsley asked for some tastes and actually liked the shake. That's a first! I swear she opened her left eye a crack.

Then by the time we got home she was remarkably better.
She sat on the floor with Evie and Adrian and played catch. I think her left eye is open just a hair. I think she'd been squishing her eyes tightly shut because of the lashes. Poor kid. Sheesh!

Now she is acting almost normal.  We've been home an hour or so and she's allowed me to step away. Thankfully it appears she's released me as her hostage. I wasn't sure how we were going to manage when Steve wasn't home.  She still can't see very well. So I guess now we know what was causing the spikes of pain and the extreme clingy behavior.  My eyes sting and burn just thinking of it. I'm pretty sure we are going to see her bounce back really quickly now.


  1. Oh, I am SO happy to see her happy! That is agonizing to think of those eyelashes! I remember that with Harlie's surgery, too! But not nearly as bad!!!! Makes me cringe to think about it! While it's hard to stomach - I'm glad it was an *easy* fix. Those pics prove how comfortable she is now. And happy! What a great kid!!!

    Great post, Susan. I am so relieved for you. Now to look forward to even less swelling and more opening!

  2. Goodness....what a difference! Mommy gut really needs to be investigated more...when will doctors learn that sometimes we DO know best?! So glad she is all smiles now. YAY for happy girl!!!

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