Dec 6, 2010

Trying To Keep The Faith

Ainsley's day started off with me cleaning crusted blood streaks off her cheeks.The swelling actually appeared worse but I think it just changed and maybe the upper lids are sagging down because there is less fluid, I'm assuming that's what the streaks were. The bruises are turning yellow so that that's a good sign that she's healing. After her eye ointment treatment, Tylenol and a cold compress she wasn't thrilled. She was back to being grumpy and clingy because her eyes were shut. I don't know, perhaps the eyelashes flipped back in again but I can't spread the eye enough to be sure because I'm afraid of tearing the corner of her eye.

I'm back to thinking maybe the lashes just aren't there. My fear is that he shortened her eyelids too much and she's going to have small funny looking eyes. I'm really trying to keep the faith and just wait until the swelling is down but I did have a freak out moment. The doctor said it'll probably be 3 months before we really know what it's going to look like. 3 MONTHS?! I'm not a patient enough person for that. It's really hard not to look and try to imagine what her eyes are going to look like. They are her EYES. It's kind of important. I think 3 months is a gross overestimation. I suspect we'll have a pretty good idea by next week and within a month at the most. Any changes that happen in months 2 & 3 are probably going to be barely noticeable.

As the day went on she opened her eye(s) a bit and was happier. The kids hitched a ride home with a neighbor who stayed for a homework party. Ainsley was happy to sit at the table and color. She must be able to see a little because she's not fearful and she's crawling around the house a bit.

We have an appointment at 3:30 tomorrow for the surgeon to look at the area that came apart. It looks a little better than it did because it's not a fresh incision, and the swelling has decreased since we first called him about it.  I'm not sure if there is anything he'll be able to do, but I hope he can get it back a little tighter in place so it heals in a nice thin scar.

She's still sleeping in our bed because her head needs to be elevated to reduce swelling and she normally sleeps on her tummy or side which is very scary in her current condition. Holding her hand while she sleeps was sweet at first but I'm getting tired and would just like a good night's sleep. Hopefully when we wake up her eyes will look better.


  1. I feel for you on waiting to see the results. Hopefully the chaos of the Holidays will distract you somewhat once Ainsley isn't so clingy. She just looks so good sitting at the table with the big girls!

  2. Thanks so much for keeping us updated! Still praying that all heals nicely and that everyone is thrilled with the results!


  3. Susan you must be exhausted. Don't fret to much, I think three months will be here sooner than you know it and along with pleasant surprises.
    She will look even more beautiful than she already is, is that possible?

    I love you guys and I am so amazed at how well you hold it together girlfriend.
    Just think one day as we sit over wine this'll be such a distant memory yet a monumental piece of history that we can clink our glasses to.

    Call me if you need to vent.

    Hugs and all the love in the universe from me to you.

  4. Hang in there! Thinking positive thoughts and hopefully she will be a quick healer.

  5. Hello Susan and Family...

    I am glad to hear how everyone is fairing after this long awaited surgery. I can only imagine how exhausted and fragile you all are...Christmas is just around the corner and miracles do you know...every day!

    I look forward to spending time with you soon!

    Sherryl, PT