Dec 15, 2010

Tree Trimming 2010

For some reason I still have the My Girl song stuck in my head, and I'm still concerned about the result of Ainsley's eyelid surgery but I am trying to be patient even though I suspect the results are going to be disappointing. It's hard to focus on Christmas when I've got much bigger issues on my mind but we did manage to get a tree last weekend, and get it decorated. I have to say it was more exhausting than fun but you wouldn't know it by the pictures. I'm going pull out the fragile and heirloom ornaments and let the kids go at it next year. Maybe I'll sit on the couch sipping a cocktail. Kidding. Or not.

We put Ainsley in her walker so she could walk around the lot with us this year but we picked a tree really fast. She was so happy to be up and about she didn't want to get back in the car. It was neat that she could be out there, though it was raining a bit. 

Ainsley just LOVES Adrian. He's such a good brother! They had so much fun with this Folkmanis puppet, 3 mice wrapped in a present. All the kids love that thing. I think it's their favorite decoration, and just so you know you can still buy them in stores.  

This is a rocker that was mine when I was a girl. I have fond memories of rocking in it and singing along to a Glen Campbell record. Yep, I'm that old.

Miss Ainsley has started taking a few side steps while holding on, or aka cruising. It appears that she is feeling much better after getting those plates out of her legs. She's decided to start transferring herself in and out of chairs. Pretty cool stuff. I know her nurse, Carmela, has worked on that with her a bit, so I guess that gave her the idea. But she moved the rocker over to the couch so she could use the couch to get in. Pretty resourceful and clever I'd say.

She worked hard to get her feet into place and then slowwwly lowered herself down.

Relieved when her bottom hit the chair and not the floor.

She's so proud of herself and so are we. Then she did it over and over again. Mind you this is completely by herself. No help.

Evie did trim the tree but was more interested in performing the Nutcracker wearing the same slip she has danced in since she was 3. Ainsley had a blast pulling ornaments out of the boxes and hanging them on the tree. (Mostly the ones that required no hooks.) 

Then she got herself into the rocker again, this time next to the tree, so she could sit and admire it. She's now even rocking herself in it.

And from there she would squeeze the hand of the Santa from Polar Express, making it say "The magic of Christmas lies in your heart." I can't help but remember how long and hard we worked for her to gain the skill of being able to simply push a button. She did it over and over. I think Christmas is going to be quite magical for her this year.

Evie and Adrian had to go to bed but Ainsley stayed up with us since she needed her final tube feeding. But.... she was tired and boy were we shocked to see this.....

SHE did this. She's been climbing up and down from the couch too! By herself! And so...she got up on the couch, stacked all 3 pillows in place plus the fleece hoodie (I guess for extra softness?) and layed down with the stuffed gingerbread cookie to relax.  We couldn't get over it.

And the finished result. 

Now for the past couple days Ainsley keeps randomly pointing at the tree as if to say "_______?"

a) Look mommy isn't it beautiful?!
b) That was fun can we do it again?
c) Why is there a tree covered in junk in the living room? Why, mommy, why?


  1. The picture on the couch cracks me up! My boys do this. And she's a smart little cookie to get the rocking chair close to the couch. I love how proud she always looks of herself. Hugs to that adorable girl. -Caty

  2. way to go Ainsley!!celebrate those steps how wonderful!!!!!! Glad her legs are feeling good!! I love your tree! and the slip! do you have pics of her in at at 3!?? Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!!

  3. She is a mover & shaker that girl! Love what she did with the rocker and the pillows. WTG Ainsley!!!

  4. I love that she has your rocker when you were a child...completely awesome!!
    Pfft...Glen Campbell.
    I'm talkin' The Carpenters.
    OH! and so Olivia Newton John...psst come closer. I stole my brother's CB radio and had good ol' Olivia on the record player and I so was her as I sang into the CB radio to all those truckers out there. What a freakin' nerd I was. I think my song choice was "Have you never been Mellow?" OMG and all those truckers out there heard that song as I belted out those lyrics into the CB radio. Psst.... I was 10 and I CANT sing! What was I thinking!

    LOVE the side profile image of her looking at the tree, she is so beautiful and appears to be mesmerized.
    LOVE your tree!
    LOVE how smart she is propping her cute little self up on those pillows.

    8 days really?
    Christmas came fast this year and will come even faster next year, because I am getting old.

    Much love to you.

  5. Ainsley is a sweet little girl, she puts her best foot and effort forwards god bless all of you