Dec 4, 2010

Ptosis Correction Surgery Recovery Day 2

It seems that the swelling peaked early today and then started to go down some. I'd hoped perhaps her eyes would open, but it doesn't look like they will. And unfortunately she is still very distressed at not being able to see. She panicks if I get up so we've been laying in bed all day.

We were told to do cold wet compresses for 10 minutes every 10 minutes. We did a lot at the hospital the first day and I started to notice the dissolvable stitches were coming out yesterday. By today they are gone. I keep telling surgeons that I don't like them because they don't last long enough.

I got up to get her food and told her to stay there, in the center of the bed. She must have panicked and crawled away from the center of the bed looking for me and fell out. I ran upstairs and she was sitting on the floor.  I looked her over and she was fine but she was bawling and the tears from her right eye were especially bloody. (This photo was taken an hour or so ago.) Since the swelling had gone down a little I very gently spread the lids so I could see and it appears that the corner of her eye is no longer stitched together and is separated where they did the canthopexy.  I called the surgeon and he assured me that if there is a problem he can fix it but for now there is nothing they can do because of the swelling. I'm afraid it will heal this way and leave a wider than desirable scar that they will say is "good enough". I can't help but think perhaps nylon stitches might have made a difference, but I suppose with this degree of swelling it might have torn. At this point we have to wait for the swelling to go down. I hope things go better tomorrow. The surgeon will see her Tuesday, Monday if it looks like it's more urgent but the swelling has gone down enough they could do something. Her legs don't seem to be bothering her at all.  We're supposed to keep with the ice packs but she doesn't like it anymore, I think perhaps it doesn't hurt enough that it feels good to her anymore.  She is just SO miserable and clingy. And I can't leave her alone even for a second. And she wants me, not daddy, Evie or Adrian.  I'm really hoping that the swelling goes down enough so she can see even just a little because I think that will make all the difference. I hope I'm not encouraging her dependence on me and making it worse by holding her all day and night. I just feel so bad for her and don't know what else to do. 


  1. Oh geez. My heart goes out to you, Susan! I think doing whatever you need to do to help her feel calm is fine (although I know you have got to be exhausted!!!) I don't think you're going to do any damage to her independence. Once she can see again, she'll go back to herself. You're going to need one HUGE break when she's all healed!

    Oh, the facial stuff is so, so hard. And I don't think anything can be worse than not being able to see. Especially when they can't possibly understand what's going on.

    That pic of her trying to squeak out a smile - oh, so, so sweet! She is something, that girl!

    Hang in there. I'm thinking of you constantly.

  2. You are doing the right thing by being with her as much as you can. This can be very draining, but at this time she needs your support and comfort. It must be very distressing to not be able to see. I feel for you both. I pray that the swelling will go down soon so that she can see, that the scarring will be minimal, and that she will be back to her happy self again.

  3. Sounds like she is just really stressed and you are her comfort. I'm sure once she can see again she will realize that she is going to be okay and she will be back to her old independent self. So scary her falling off the bed...poor girl. Big hugs to you Mama, I know you need 'em!

  4. Thinking of you and praying for you all! HUGS!

  5. Snuggle....snuggle... and more snuggles.
    You're doing wonderful Susan and soon this too shall pass.

    Thinking of you all.

  6. ainsly is a sweet girl
    Love Bianca Steele