Dec 2, 2010

Eyelid Surgery Started

We arrived for check in at 6:15, eventually we went back to the pre-op area and then met with 10 different people about all the things they are doing. Finally I walked her back and held her hand when she was put under in the OR at 8:55. The surgery is supposed to take 1 1/2 hours and we are still waiting for our page. Hopefully all went well. Then she'll be having the plates removed from her legs, and finally she will have the brain MRI. So it's going to be a long time before she gets checking into a room for the night. And we won't get to see her until it's all done. 

Evie and Adrian giving hugs. She LOVES her big brother and sister!

They made her a couple pictures to take with her and hang in her hospital room. It was sweet.

Waiting with trepidation.


They just paged us at 10:25. They were finishing up and the orthopedic team is getting ready to do their part, removing the plates from the hip and leg reconstruction that was done in April. They are also going to be removing this, which has been really bothering her. They marked her legs for the surgery today. With non-permanent ink. Sure enough she was scratching. The docs thought she was playing with markers at home. Nope that would be the ink from their pen.

It's going to be a long day.


  1. Nerves of steel. That's what we have isn't it.
    I am a nervous wreck here, I can only imagine how you are feeling.
    I wish I could be there for you, fetching coffee, making you laugh, holding your hand, all those things that make the time move faster and take your mind off of things.

    I will check periodically through out the day for updates.

    Ainsley you are getting so big sitting on Mama's lap.
    You still remain my hero and you are so brave.

    Adrian and Evie you rock the big brother and sister card. Amazing.

    Hugs Susan and all the love in the universe from me to you.