Jan 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

The last moments of 2009, may 2010 be a better year and the beginning of a fantastic decade for everyone!


I stopped making New Year's resolutions a long time ago.... lose the last 10 (now 15) baby pounds, fix up the house, be a new and improved better me. I have come to realize that we are who we are. Our imperfections are part of what make us unique individuals. The world would be boring if we were all the same.

But...what if we could make up other people's resolutions. Now THAT would be cool!

Last night as we were bringing in the new year in our usual boring way, watching for fireworks out the window of our bedroom with them on the TV for backup in case we can't see them out the window. As we waited for the countdown we were discussing resolutions with the kids and they decided mine should be to take less pictures. Not be more patient? Yell less? Play with them more? Be more fun? Hmmmmm. Could I consider giving up taking pictures of my kids? That would be like a meat and potatoes guy making a New Year's resolution to be a vegetarian. AND they want to limit me to 100 per year. You're killin' me kids! You may as well ask me to stop breathing.

Ok, so I know I take a lot of pictures and it's always on my list to get them organized and into albums like the days before digital. If I had one resolution that would probably be it. And if I took less pictures it would be easier to do that and leave time for some of those other things that I'd like to improve on but won't admit to being actual resolutions. But 100 PER YEAR?! Then you wouldn't get to see thing like this:

Look, this is how we passed New Year's Eve. The kids are teaching Ainsley to be a wizard!

Or look at how cute this is?! You're asking me to give this up? If I could only take 100 what would they be? OMG I'm having a panic attack just thinking of it.

But when even your child that doesn't speak learns the sign for stop so she can ask you to PLEASE STOP TAKING PICTURES! I guess you have to consider it....for a few minutes at least.

.....So I considered it and sorry.....NOT A CHANCE!

What resolution would your loved ones make for you? Tee Hee. Something to think about.

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  1. LOL!!!!! I could never limit the # of pics I take either!! AND I don't want you to!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing pics of your kids!!!!!