Jan 8, 2010

Late Update Sorry

Sorry for the late update, hospital time flies by. You wouldn't think it would but it does. And I'm having trouble with the hospital internet connection. I will have to insert pictures later.

Ainsley woke frequently last night needing suctioning and was still on morphine as needed but was able to switch to oxycodone this afternoon. She is much more lucid now that the morphine has worn off and she seems much happier and I think her eyes are starting to open more.

We were able to sit together for about an hour earlier today and she was able to identify words by name and point to them in her word book. So that's a sign her eyes are opening enough to see. Grandma Micki sent some picture frames and she was really looking at those too.

Half way through the day I was able to switch rooms to one where not only does the door close, but it's private and plenty large. A night and day difference. I guess being the squeaky wheel paid off.

We were able to start feeding. Since we are in the hospital we are feeding her Pediasure and we just bumped her up to her full-feed going home rate of 50ml per hour. That is the second criteria for going home.

The drain, however is still putting out blood and fluid so they want to keep an eye on that and would like there to be drainage of under 60cc per day. So unless something changes they will likely take it out at rounds tomorrow at 7:00am. And we'll be headed home some time after that.

The kids are coming for a visit and dinner in the cafeteria. I always miss them when I'm away from home. They were a little afraid to see her but I think it's going to be no problem. I think she's looking pretty good: there still isn't much swelling, no bruising yet, and the hair really helps disguise the incision a lot. Over all I've been really pleased with how things are going. What a trooper!

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  1. So glad Ainsley is doing so well - hoping and praying that you get to come home soon!