Jan 7, 2010


We are waiting for the pager to ring.......

Ainsley was a champ waiting with her Lamby to go back. I was able to go with her into the surgery room (gowned up) to be with her when they put her to sleep with the gas. She cried. And she has no idea what she's in store for. This is the last time you'll she her look like this.

They said they'd page us when they started.....

But we've been waiting and no page. This hotdog is for you Karin. Another bad thing about a late surgery time....the cafeteria is in between lunch and dinner so the pickings are slim.

I'm sure they must have started, right, and just forgot to page us?! It's almost 5:00! It's going to be a long night......I'll need lots of Starbuck's.

1 comment:

  1. I am so hungry right now, and that hot dog looks mighty good. I always thought hospital waits were a good excuse for a hot dog. Sorry I'm late posting, but thanks for the pic. I hope it made you chuckle.