Jan 9, 2010

Ready To Go

It was another night of constant waking. I think Ainsley has been napping so much it's affected her sleep. At 7:30 the resident came in and removed the drain. I don't know how I missed it the first 2 surgeries but that's something I hope I don't ever have to see again - 8" of tube pulled out of my child's head. Eeeew!

And it appeared to be very painful. Poor baby. Afterward there was a large amount of blood on the bed and it was all over her hair, neck and gown as well. So we cleaned it up as best we could with washcloths but you can't get it all out. And her hair is caked in anti-biotic ointment. I can't wait to wash it, they say I can tomorrow morning.

Ainsley started signing "all done", one handed, as she often does. I'm ready to get you outta here baby! The meds are ready and paperwork is done. We're waiting for Steve and the kids to come get us and she has to have her IV pulled and then we'll be headed home!


  1. yeah!!! si glad you guys are going home today!!! it is so much nicer to heal at home! Sleep is always better there!! Sending our love!! Ainsley is says "your are a rock star. baby, yeah!"

  2. So sorry to hear about the blood and the gross sites, but at least she's getting to come home!

  3. yes we could have a conversatio about dr s lol we would probably agreen with a lot on this topic it is hard when drs are not agreeing with each other!!! She has three neuroligists and they agree which is helpful and all are on the same team together although they are not at same clinics. but othro do not agree and philly is too far for a complete switch.