Jan 10, 2010

Day Two/Three

My girl has been through SO much. The only thing I can figure is that it's given her super-human strength. If it weren't for the hospital gown and headscarf would you know that this child had just been cut across the top of her head from ear to ear and had her forehead peeled back to reveal her skull and then had plastic parts screwed to it?!

How about this kid? Pulling up to a stand repeatedly to throw toys over the arm?

Or lifting an empty beer bottle to swig it and at the same time tasting a lolli-pop (which she never does)?

After months of not attempting to crawl up stairs she managed to get up one by herself.

She decided to take up playing the tambourine and lifted and banged it with amazing ease. Notice Adrian asleep in the background.

She made it clear that she wanted to climb the stairs like we do most nights. Surgery, smurgery!

Despite her apparent super-human strength I had to kind of draw the line when she wanted to fall back on the bed repeatedly. I just couldn't watch that head fall on the bed. But she didn't want to take no for an answer and decided she'd get herself up and fall back by herself.

Then she sat in bed and read books and we had to MAKE her go to sleep. I was wiped and went to sleep at 10:45 and fell asleep to the sound of Ainsley playing with her pal Voilet in the crib.

Super-human I tell you. I think she was SO excited to be home she was more energetic than normal last night. She had a great night's sleep and is as happy as can be today. No pain meds.

Today I spent the better part of an hour trying to shampoo anti-biotic ointment out of her hair. After the 6th shampoo, comb through and rinse she started to complain but I don't think there was any pain, she was just annoyed. Who could blame her. But this is what her hair looked like before the bath. Her hair is not wet, it's all GOOP which is why she was wearing the scarf.

And now that I'm done she still has Jheri-curls, I tell you. In this next picture her hair is dry and this is AFTER shampooing.

HELLLLP! If you know how to get grease out of hair (keeping in mind nothing that would sting 11 inches of incisions) tell me quick! I gotta get her ready for school tomorrow 'cause she's ready!


  1. Well the only thing I can think of that cuts grease is Dawn dish soap. They use it on the birds that get stuck in oil slicks. I imagine it is gentle enough to use on scars...just sayin' you might give it a try. I am so happy that she seems to be doing so well. WTG Ainsley!!

  2. If you don't want to go through another hair washing using baby powder helps to alleviate the greasiness. I heard this trick years ago on the Merv Griffin show and have used it over the years on those, "I can't get out of bed" mornings when you just need 15 more minutes and lose your shower opportunity. It REALLY works. Just shake some onto her hair or your hand and work into her hair. Good luck. She looks beautiful and so full of life. Wen

  3. My middle kid started crawling, because he wanted a beer bottle! I love the photos. Ainsley is my hero(ine). Hang in there mom!

  4. Way to go Ainsley!

    One would never know she "just" had surgery! Resilient, super human strength I tell ya, now if I as an adult could only learn from our children Susan.


  5. Cornstarch! It blots pretty much any oil that comes my way!