Jan 7, 2010

She Made It To Her Room.

It's 11:30 and I'm just getting settled in. Ainsley finally showed up at the room about 9:00pm. She is still pretty out of it. Her 7:30 dose of Morphine hasn't worn of yet so she's doing okay as long as you don't touch her head. Duh. But when she came back from Recovery her trach tie was about 1 1/2 inches too loose and we had to tighten it up. Then getting the trach mask around her neck was a trick but we should be able to leave her alone now.

The change in her appearance is so subtle that I'd almost forgotten they'd done it. I think that's good, we don't want her to have a heavy brow. The surgeon said to wait about 3 weeks to allow the swelling to go completely away before judging her "final" appearance. Due to my concern about the swelling affecting the ptosis they injected steroids into the eye area to reduce swelling. And at this point I see very little swelling and no bruising. And her incision looks really good, they didn't shave too much hair. And he cleaned up her scar, removing the excess scar tissue so the hair meets up closer at the incision point. I think her hair isn't going to look too bad.

We were excited to hear that the surgeon is hoping this is Ainsley's last cranial surgery. Although we'll be keeping an eye on her mid-face and he will continue to see her in clinic to evaluate how she's doing.

I'm ready for rest. Tomorrow is likely to be harder as she wakes up and we try to keep her happy. I was rather annoyed to find that the couch (that doubles as a fold out bed) in my room prevents the door from closing! Seriously people?! Isn't it someone job to measure the couches before they buy them? Has no one else noticed the door doesn't close? So I've got it pulled away from the wall about a foot and it still brushes it slightly but we can close the door so I can sleep. It's awkward to say the least. And the nurse is going to be coming in every hour checking her vitals so who knows how many times it's going to get bumped and wake me up. I've asked to move rooms tomorrow, to one where the door can close. Sheesh. I have other places to put my energy.


  1. So good to hear that things went well! And Ainsley looks great! From the photo, the lack of swelling is terrific. I hope the doc is right and that this will be her last craniofacial surgery - he does sound like a really good surgeon. You have to appreciate when they care about the things that are important to us too and do the little things that will make day-today life easier.

    Did you end up getting any sleep? How do you all feel today? Luke decided to sleep all evening and wake up for the day at midnight - the lovely bonus of one day surgery. I hope Ainsley isn't in too much pain today. Let us know how you all are doing when you get time.

  2. Ainsley looks great, as always. Good to hear that her surgery went on well.

    Hoping that you got enough sleep and rest.

  3. i hope she had a good night and that you where able to get some rest to gear up for today! She looks good, not too swollen steriods sounds like a good idea to avoid too much swelling are they going to give her an iv dose aslo to help keep the swelling down? though i think injections can last 3 days or more if I am remebering right from izzys past. We are hoping that today goes well. did you have childlife servises help with her surgery or recovery? they are very good at bringing in things to help in the room you can get a clean mat for the floor once she feels better so she is not stuck in the crib/bed once she is moving around more.they can bring mats toys movies in the room also they might be able to help getyou moved to a better room sending our love and hopes for a restful comforatble day

  4. So glad to hear that Ainsley is doing well, Susan! She, as always, is just beautiful...even looking like that! Must be nice!

    Be sure to keep us updated, and know that I'm thinking about you!

  5. Susan, Thinking of you today, and I hope she is feeling alright today. Its good to hear that everything went well last night.

  6. I'm glad things are smooth at the start. Hope today is going well.
    I'm astounded at the lack of bruising and swelling. Medical intervention amazes me.
    Hugs to all. - Suzanne