Dec 30, 2009

A Great Christmas

Out of the hundreds of Christmas pictures I took I'll share a handful.

Christmas #1
Evie and Adrian decided to perform a Nutcracker dance complete with a costume and music. Evie is of course the mastermind behind this.

Ainsley helped Grandma unwrap presents. Big ones too!

She got a "talker" you put a picture card in it and push a button and it says the name of the word. I'm excited about this. And it seems like she can do it as long as I can keep her from putting the cards in her mouth. Ainsley says thanks for the generous gift Grandma!

Christmas #2

Evie, Adrian and Ainsley playing with a toy from when I was a kid with Grandma. Ainsley loved shoving the gingerbread people in the cage.

Not a single piece of this candy is real. Bummer. Zoom in close to see the detail.

Adrian playing chess with Uncle James. They take their chess seriously.

Christmas #3
I was so excited Ainsley got this book. Evie and Adrian both LOVED it but we lost our copy. It looks like Ainsley is going to love it too!

Christmas Eve

Ainsley missed her nap so it was straight to bed for her.

Christmas #4
Ainsley looking at the kids to see what to do. It was cute to see her lift her entire stocking up and turn it around(she's gotten strong). She caught on quick but needed a little help pulling her gifts out, they were wedged in there.

Adrian, actually pretty happy to receive socks. That shows how badly he needed them.

Evie was SO happy to get things for her American Girl doll, Kit.

All Adrian asked Santa for was a Webkinz canary and Sorry (the board game.) He's easy to please. But don't worry, he got other stuff too.

The look on Adrian's face is priceless.

Ainsley opening her socks. She was pretty excited and crawled around the house with them until I put them on her.

Christmas #5
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the cousin's Nintendo DS.

She stacked all these blocks up by herself. They are great!

Granpa's couch was the perfect height to pull to a stand. Even after days of festivities and late nights, it was 11:00pm, she pulled herself up and down multiple times. I wish I had the space for a couch just like this one, she'd be walking in no time.

Pretty cool to see!

We had a great Christmas. The kids got great gifts. Ainsley received the talker, some sign language books, lots of Sigining Time DVD's (we're so excited), things to chew on, a bat and ball and some clothes for her doll which she is playing with more and more these days. It was amazing that she needed minimal assistance to unwrap her gifts. She was even able to sit at the table during dinner (even though she just plays with the food), no more highchairs for her. It was really fun to see her be able to truly participate in the festivities this year.

I saved my favorite picture for last. The best gift of all is that Ainsley is loved, very very much.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


  1. Susan beautiful pictures, your family is gorgeous.

    I love that picture of your daughter and son face to face, it is an incredible image!

    Look at Ainsley go....block stacking, pulling herself up multiple times, leaps and bounds that little girl. It will be interesting to see what surprises 2010 will bring for them.

    Happy New Year to you and yours,
    from our family to yours.


  2. awwwwwwww, those are great. Your kiddos are so full of energy and love! Happy New Year!!

  3. Love the new layout! Hope all is well.
    Catherine (a sort of anonymous reader)