Dec 4, 2009

Ainsley's New Pal Violet

Ainsley got this adorable puppy for her birthday from her Aunt. Since she has a fear of things that talk I was a little concerned. The cool thing about the LeapFrog My Pal Violet is that you connect the dog to your computer with a USB cable and then customize it on the internet. I thought for sure it wouldn't work because Ainsley is an unususal name but it actually pronounces it correctly. We customized it with her favorite color, animal, food (had to make one up there) and picked our favorites from the available songs. We put it in her crib and now when she wakes up she pushes the buttons on the paws to make it talk to her. It's adorable to hear it say "Hi, Ainsley." Now that it's been a few weeks she really loves it! I think it's great because the buttons are easy to push which is great for kids with low muscle tone. They also make this green one for boys LeapFrog My Pal Scout.


  1. That is very cool! Based on how well she uses the buttons on her toy, Ainsley may do really well with a communication board. I don't remember if that is something you guys are working with or not.