Dec 16, 2009


True to Ainsley's style, there have been no repeated feats of eating. We're back to 8/9 bites or less. But last night at dinner it seems she has decided she likes the taste of soy sauce. Of course I'll let her lick as much soy sauce as she likes without any concern over sodium intake. ANYTHING she is willing to eat or taste is a step in the right direction. And it's so great to see her enjoying it! Clearly she is tasting more. Soy sauce never got this kind of reaction before.


  1. Great job Susan, if she likes it, let her eat it that's what I did for Gage also. Itty bitty steps to get to the goal.

    Could her smile be any brighter...too cute!

  2. I love the close up of her licking her lips. I have heard that strong flavors are better for tasting with a trach. Have you tried cherry jello or suckers? Tommy LOVED anything cherry.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! She seems to be sooooo enjoying tasting!!! She is so adorable!!