Jun 30, 2008

Wow! Another Great Day!

A month or so ago I made a call to the supervisor of the state DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities) Medically Intensive Waiver Program. I told her Ainsley's story and she said she would come out the next week to do an assessment. Sure enough she came, we spent 2 1/2 hours going over all of the details of Ainsley's medical history and care. She asked me to copy all of her reports and records, which you may recall I wrote about in my post Busy, Busy. I got a call from her last week saying we GOT ON THE WAIVER. I almost didn't believe it was true but sure enough she showed up today for our appointment to finalize the paperwork and do the follow-up assessment which lasted only 1 1/2 hours this time.

We have verbal approval from the man who runs the program for 10 hours a day of nursing. Now we are waiting for the written approval from DDDS (Division of Disability Determination Services). I really can't believe that it happened so fast. I'd heard that people wait years to get on the waiver so I thought I was starting the process early. We were able to bump to the top of the list and get on the waiver because she has the trach. Now I start the process of finding an agency that will accept State payment (they don't pay as well as insurance) and can staff us. That will provide a challenge so think positive vibes for us on that one.

During the appointment the kids were keeping busy. I'd kept them in the house because they'd been burned from being in the pool the whole day before. The sunscreen apparently washed off. Since I was busy they took the opportunity to wander outside for a few minutes. Sneaky kids. Feeling bad about keeping them in on such a beautiful day I said okay, if they stayed in the shade, but when I looked out a few minutes later they were both stark naked. We had a good laugh about it. I had them get dressed and come back in and I put Ainsley on her tummy on the floor in the living room. I could hear Adrian was playing with her so I popped my head in to check on her and she was sitting up on her bottom. The kids insisted they didn't move her. I'm not sure how she did it since I wasn't in the room but you can bet I'll be watching her closely tomorrow!

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