Jun 1, 2008


Ainsley's OT has been bugging me to give Ainsley hard munchables. What are hard munchables? Food that can be knawed at. No matter how often I remind her I think she forgets that Ainsley has TEETH. And that she GAGS and VOMITS when she gets the smallest particle of food in her mouth (unless it's finely pureed). Every week or so she gently suggests a munchable and I patiently explain that it's not a good idea. If she munches on the munchable like she's supposed to she'll get some in her mouth and gag and maybe throw up. I've seen it SO many times and with a variety of "muchables". My idea, that I liked much better is to put flavor on her chewy letter P (I bought it from The Therapy Shoppe online). Lots of opportunity for chewing, taste and no risk of vomit. Today with Sunday breakfast we tried flavoring it bacon. I think she likes it.
Reminder to self: Against my better judgement on 6/5 I tried a Clif fruit twist that the therapist brought and sure enough she scraped some off with her teeth and.....vomited. Nice. Don't do that again.

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