Jun 11, 2008

She's Sitting!

I'D LIKE TO OFFICIALLY REPORT: AINSLEY IS SITTING! Not in the Bumbo, not in the Boppy, not surrounded by pillows, not protected by my legs, not propped quickly to catch a photo moment, but TRUE, REAL UNASSISTED SITTING! I can put her down and leave the room. To say we are thrilled is an understatement!

Here's the timeline of events (with photos of course).

5/18/08 Sitting for a few minutes but wobbly.

5/18/08 A few minutes later. Fell over and hit her head, real good, for the first time. Probably thought "Hey, where did the pillows go?! I need to try harder not to do that!"

5/21/08 A little more stable. During therapy self corrects when she gets off balance.

6/3/08 Thinks to herself "Hey, I think I can do this!"

6/5/08 "Oh, yeah, I'm gettin' this sitting thing down!"

Will post a video soon, promise.


  1. Grandma is so excited and proud of you.

  2. Yay, Ainsley! I know you're so proud of her latest milestone. Woo-Hoo!