Jun 4, 2008

Little People

My new fun toy. I even helped put away.

Hey, I think I can do this!

Amy, Ainsley's educator from Boyer Children's Clinic, came today for therapy and brought with her......Little People. Fisher Price Little People. I was surprised. Ainsley showed an immediate interest. Thankfully we held onto the huge collection that we had from Christmas and birthday gifts to Evie and Adrian from years prior. When Amy left I pulled out a few and I'm happy to report that they are a huge hit. Ainsley has become increasingly more stable sitting over the last week. I'm not sure, but I think it's because last week she fell over and hit her head. I think it literally knocked some sense into her and she's finally realized it's not so great to fall over. She used to think it was kind of a game because she'd fall onto pillows or I'd catch her. She's been doing much better righting herself and keeping her balance. Today she even briefly lifted both arms while playing.

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