Jun 3, 2008

Ainsley Using PMV

In my post from 6/1 I was referring to Ainsley "talking". Here's a video that is a pretty good representation of how she does wearing her PMV. If you listen long enough you can hear some fluctuation in her "voice". A PMV (Passey-Muir Valve) is a plastic device that fits over the trach. It has a valve that opens during the inhale allowing air into the trach to breath. When the inhalation stops the valve closes and the air must be exhaled through the mouth and nose. Adults on the trach forum have said that wearing a PMV can at times feel like your head is going to pop off. It is an adjustment for a child to breath differently than they ordinarily do. It is the flow of air through the vocal cords that makes sound and gives us our voice. For Ainsley since she has an obstruction (swelling) in her vocal cord area it makes vocalizing difficult. Wearing the PMV is not always comfortable for her. Many parents on the trach forum report that their child doesn't love wearing the PMV and it takes time for a child to learn to use one. We are hopeful that Ainsley will find it easier over time to use the PMV. Until she does or until she gets the trach out we are working on alternative communication methods such as sign language. Due to her motor skill difficulties sign language is not likely to be easy. So we are in the process of developing and using a PECS book (I'll explain in a later post.)

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  1. My goodness, she sure is a happy little gal ! I adore reading about Ainsley and getting to watch her grow and thrive.

    It has been awhile since I have last checked and I am so impressed with her progress on standing and with her voice.

    You are doing an amazing job with her , I hope you and DH take turns giving each other pats on the back :o)

    Keep up that hard work Ainsley , we are all rooting for ya sweetie !