Jun 18, 2008

Trach Conference Video

This past weekend was the Tracheostomy.com conference in Cincinnati. Unfortunately I didn't feel I was ready to go back so soon. I would have needed to make arrangements in May just one month after getting back. It would have been near imposssible anyway since Steve had a work deadline on 6/15 and was working until midnight most nights last week and the kids were finishing school. Adrian graduated from preschool Friday and Evie had her class sing along on Monday and her last day of school yesterday. I was really sad to miss it and I had hoped to go next year but it looks like the next one won't be until 2010. I hope we don't still have a trach by then but who knows. They did post this beautiful video that they put together for the conference. I challenge you to view the whole thing and keep a dry eye. What an amazing community I've been so fortunate to find!

And my friend Suzanne who helped me through my agonizing camera purchase took pictures of the event. Here's a link to her pictures. http://www.suzanneuptonphotography.com/TracheostomySlideshow/

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