Apr 1, 2008

Two Weeks Out of the Brace....and Moving!

So it's only been two weeks that Ainsley's be out of the brace during the days but we're already seeing a huge change in the amount she is trying to move. It'll still take a bit for the muscles to regain strength but she is TRYING and that is so great to see. She's been scooting her legs up underneath herself and trying to push up into a crawling position. When we put her in the crib we find her scooted down to the bottom playing with the box of baby wipes. I almost think she's scooting down there just to get the wipes. It's happened about 10 times now. But maybe she's just bored and that's all there is to play with. When we leave her on the floor in the living room and come back we find her several feet away. She wiggles and pushes herself up enough that it's scooting her around. Yesterday she even rolled over. So we're getting to the point where we have to keep a closer eye on her. Maybe it's even almost time to bring out the pack-n-play.

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