Apr 7, 2008

Our Pre-op Appointment

Today we had just one appointment at Children's, the pre-op anesthesia consult. We oriented ourselves to the hospital so we know where each of the buildings, the cafeteria and gift shop are. Check in was fast and easy. Seattle Children's could take some notes. It's done in each department instead of waiting in one giant line for all specialties. We were a half hour early and they took us right back. Again, I was surprised. What?! No waiting for an hour (30 minutes past our appointment time). We didn't just meet with the nurse for the routine questions like we would in Seattle. We met with the HEAD of anesthesiology! And he spent about 20 minutes going over Ainsley's medical history just to make sure it was completely accurate before things get started this week. He went on and on so much that we fell asleep. (Ha, ha. Just kidding. I closed my eyes as usual. Ainsley really was asleep.) Wow! I was impressed. And he was so nice! I think this is a sign of good things to come.

Strolling through the halls we saw some interesting things. Like a collection of antique baby feeders (i.e. baby bottles). I'd always wondered how they fed a baby that couldn't breastfeed in the days before plastic. Now I know. One of life's many mysteries answered.

At the gift shop we gathered some interesting party ideas. That "sundae" is made of Tootsie Pops.

We went to a far off corner of the cafeteria near the windows to eat and give Ainsley a tube feeding. Then I noticed that the only other people there were giving a tube feeding to their daughter too so we struck up a conversation. After a few minutes I noticed she had a trach as well. We traded tips. They were great people and I hope they'll join the tracheostomy.com forum. I tried to give them our blog address so I hope they'll find it. Their daughter also does not have a clear diagnosis, and she's a teenager. I sure hope we get some answers before then. This couple's daughter also sees Dr. Cotton. They said they've met people traveling from all over the world to see him here. How amazing that we are here. I feel really lucky.

We made it to the grocery store and have settled in with a glass of wine. I'm loving using Joanne's laptop. I'll need to get to bed early tonight since I have to wake up twice to switch off Ainsley's feedings in preparation for her anesthesia tomorrow. Will post again tomorrow as soon as there is a chance.

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  1. Hey you guys - Good to hear everything is going well. Sounds like these doctors are on top of their game and will give you good news. I am with you in spirit.

    Linda Stoves