Apr 30, 2008

Ainsley Fell Off the Bed

Well last night we hit another milestone, literally, on the floor. It's not normally something you're happy about but in a way we are. Finally after a year and a half its no longer safe to lay Ainsley on the bed. Last night I layed her on her tummy across the foot of Evie's bed while I tucked her into bed. 10 seconds after I sat down I hear a loud thud on the floor. She had pushed herself up into a frog sit and fell over backward onto her back onto the floor. Luckily Evie's bed is pretty low. Still, she was pretty shook up. This is the first time she has ever fallen over and hurt herself. Even when she sits there have always been pillows to cushion her fall so she's come to expect to be safe and thinks its fun to fall over, which is not really good. So maybe its a good thing it happened. And now we know so we'll put her on the floor during goodnight time.

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