Apr 9, 2008

I'm Trying Not To Be Discouraged

We are in the surgery waiting area waiting for Ainsley to go to recovery. Thank goodness for Joanne's laptop. We met with all three doctors just now and unfortunately the news is not good. I guess it's not particularly surprising either. They see abnormalities of the tissue in her airway, most notably swelling. They did not find anything revealing although found a small degree of tracheal and bronchial malasia. Nothing major. They seem some nodules that indicate a possible lymphatic issue so they took multiple biopsy samples and we will have to wait for results. She got a 3.5 Tracho (sp?) trach. They evaluated placement so it should fit fine. Hopefully that will help reduce the amount of suctioning needs but we will have to see. Tomorrow she has a fees study to see if she has aspiration of saliva and/or food. That may be the issue but we really won't know right away. They are going to review all of the pieces of information after the test results come back and put together a diagnosis next week. It is unlikely that there will be a quick fix. At least I can be satisfied that I took her to the best place in the world for her condition. Even if they can't help her, I know now I've done everything I can. I will post again if we get new information. She had an impedence probe placed today so we will be staying overnight at the hospital. Otherwise staying at the Vernon Manor.

Suzanne, I hope you have a good flight. Let me know when would be a good time to connect.

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