Apr 29, 2008

Another Death of a Trach Child

You may recall several weeks ago I wrote about a boy from our trach support group who passed away unexpectedly in the night while recovering from the flu. A couple of weeks ago another boy passed away while the parents drove him to the hospital after he had some unexplained stomach pain. And yesterday a third mom from our trach forum wrote in to say that her dear friends son passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. He too had a trach and CP just like her daughter. My heart goes out to these grieving families. And I can't help but be shocked and a little scared by these unexpected deaths. Having a child with an artificial airway is risky, we've always known that, but we've come to feel pretty safe over time. The mom from the trach forum reminded us to hug our babies extra tight last night. And its a good reminder to us all to appreciate our loved ones while they are here with us. And to be thankful for our good health every day. Whether you have a trach or not.

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