Mar 30, 2008

One Week to Go!

I have been ticking off the days in my head until today. I cannot believe we leave in a week for Cincinnati! I am so excited to meet Dr. Cotton. I hope he will be able to figure out what is causing Ainsley's airway problems so they can either fix the problem or know what to expect. I have to trust that if he doesn't know then it really is a mystery that we'll just have to wait (and wait) and see. I don't like to wait, but then who does, really? I am full of hope but afraid to be hopeful. There have been too many times in the past.....Well, you know. She caught a wee bit of a cold that went from Steve, to Adrian, to her to me. I hope she's completely well soon so we can still go.


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  2. There's my girls "Million Dollar Smile". What a cutie...and Grandma can't wait to go with you and mommy to Cincinnati.