Mar 12, 2008

A Trach Mom's New Love

Several friends have been raving about the new Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service. Since Ainsley has the trach it's just too hard to go out. She needs such frequent suctioning it isn't safe to drive without another adult in the car especially because she vomits too. Since Steve gets home so late, by the time we eat dinner, grocery shopping is really I tried it and I have to say it's amazing! If you place the order by midnight it'll arrive on your doorstep in these locked totes before 6am! Can you believe that?! The only thing that would make it better is if they sold wine. Then I could really never leave the house. Ha, ha. It's in the trial phase so I really hope it's successful and stays around. It's been really great for getting baby food or diapers for Ainsley.

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