Mar 25, 2008

One Week Out of the Brace

Today its been a week since Ainsley got out of the brace. Already I see a big difference in the amount she is able to move. She is straightening her legs more and is even pulling them up under herself when she's on her stomach and it doesn't seem to hurt her like it did before. It's very encouraging that she is trying. Sometimes she arches her body and puts her arms and legs up in the air like an airplane. I think she's wanting to move and is starting to experiment with it. Sometimes we find her a few feet away when she's put on the floor but mostly it seems it's just because she's wiggling not that she's able to move with intention yet. She pulls her body forward when she's in the highchair. She's not yet sitting on her own as well as prior to the cast. I think it'll take a little bit of time to regain her balance. The cast and brace used to do a lot of the work for her. We use the brace during naps and at night. She seems to know that when I put the brace on that it means it's time to sleep. Sadly, when she's tired she gets excited when I put it on.

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