Mar 29, 2008

A Trach Child's Death

Most everyone knows that I get a ton of support from friends on the forum. Parents of children with trachs from all over the world are there day and night to lend support, give advice, listen and "get it" when no one else does. One of the moms just posted that her 3 year old son died in his sleep a week or so ago. He'd had the flu but no one thinks their child will die from the flu. It reminds me to be vigilent about using our oximeter and baby monitor and not letting her out of my sight in case the one time I leave her for a minute is the time she pulls the trach out. It's easy to relax when things are going well. Such is the fear of a parent of a child with a trach. He was scheduled to go in for an airway surgery in April. To come so far and be so close. It breaks my heart.

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