Feb 25, 2008

Still Swollen

Some of you knew we had a scope scheduled for Ainsley the Monday she was discharged from Children’s for RSV. It was rescheduled for last Friday and we went. Unfortunately the swelling was only ever so slightly better, and cobblestoning was still present on her epiglottis. It was disappointing but not really surprising. So that confirms we will be traveling to Cincinnati 4/6-4/11 to get a second opinion with the world’s best otolaryngologist. Here’s his bio: http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/svc/find-professional/c/robin-cotton.htm Please pray (or send positive vibes) that she doesn’t get sick and can’t go and that this doctor will have some ideas on how to get that swelling to go away so we can get this trach out.

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