Feb 9, 2008

Had To Call 911

Hey all, I just wanted to give you a quick update that we had to call 911 last night (~9:00 pm) because Ainsley was having trouble breathing. She had a bad fever and we could not keep her sats up without giving her oxygen. She looked very blue and was very lethargic. The medics (ambulance and fire) arrived on the scene and it was determined after about 20 minutes that she seemed stable but should go to Children’s, so we got her loaded up in the ambulance and they transported her. I stayed home with Evie and Adrian and Susan followed in the van.

Ainsley is doing a bit better today but they believe she has a bacterial infection in her lungs. It’s possible one of the recent times she threw up (a frequent occurrence) might have got down her trach and into her lungs. They want to keep her for probably two more days and currently they have her in isolation, which is actually a good thing since you get a private room that way. J However, it also means she can’t have any visitors including Evie and Adrian.

Were going to make a trip over there this afternoon so I can deliver some clothes but most likely she won’t be back home until sometime Monday. Other than that, all is well and everyone is doing fine.


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