Mar 4, 2013

The Anatomy of a Party

Thankfully Steve (my husband and IT guy) was able to make some space on our computer this morning. I was having to delete pictures off the computer in order to add any, and it's been that way for months. It was a pain and I am so happy to have that problem solved!

He was finally home for a whole weekend for the first time since Christmas. What a difference it makes. We were able to complete a couple home improvement projects (replace an outdated chandelier and add a fireplace mantle, both ordered off the internet awhile ago), mow the grass & clean up the mole holes and put away the last of the Red Carpet party. Adrian had a basketball game (Sadly they finally lost. The other team was SO good. They'd creamed all the other teams by 40+points, so really Adrian's team did quite well. We have a playoff game against them again next weekend.) In addition Adrian started baseball and we went to buy all his gear. We made a little time to play with the kids. The biggest thing of the weekend (it was busy) was that my SIL brought us cousin Emily's bed for Ainsley(she upgraded to a Queen). Her unusual room configuration (with french doors that allow us access in the night when she needs care) means that the room really needs a day bed so this bed is temporary until we can find one. Ainsley is so tall that she didn't fit in the dinky toddler bed (which is really crib sized after all) and her feet dangled off the end. She's been uncomfortable which means her oximeter alarms go off and wake us up. The room change meant I had to reorganize all Ainsley's medical supplies to consolidate them into the closet med supply cabinets. That took most of Sunday and I didn't quite finish. I also need to update our emergency tote of supplies (You know in case of some sort of disaster.) I sterilized about 50 trachs. I tossed lots of expired meds and gathered a box of supplies to give away. I was able to get the IV pole out of her room. It all needed to be done anyway. All the changes make it look "less medical" which is nice.

Ainsley has a love hate relationship with change. She didn't want her old crib to go but was excited to climb up into the new bed. I had to make due with what bed linens I could scrounge up and will have to get her something nice. I don't want to risk ruining my grandmother's quilt and the thick vintage wool blanket is a bit scratchy for Miss A.  She's using Evie's sheets. She did wake up a couple times last night and sat up and begged to be brought to our bed, but laid back down easily enough when we said no. With any luck we will soon all have some much improved sleep.

Before I post the Red Carpet Birthday photos I want to qualify things and say that I do not really have time to throw these type of parties. This is especially important to say for the special needs moms who read my blog. In no way do I think anyone else should do this. Only crazy people throw these type of parties. Really I mean that. Not only do I think that kids don't need this type of party, I think they can become rather spoiled by it. And it can cause resentment, because really I don't have the time to be doing this stuff. It's not worth it.

I was talking to a close friend and I told her, like many times before, that this party was the last. She asked if I could just scale things back. Honestly the answer to that question is apparently not. When Evie suggested a Red Carpet party I thought it would be super easy. Buy some red carpet and a few decorations and we're done. Like every other party since the infamous Harry Potter Party I always start out intending to keep things simple but they end up being anything but. If I do say so myself, they've been fabulous: The American Girl Sleep Over, the Nature Hunt party, the Percy Jackson Party, and the Camp Party. I think I'm forgetting some. I just don't think it's worth the hours it takes. So I really hope this time is the last. We're going out with a bang.

I'm trying something new, a Photobucket Story since the Blogger photo interface is always such a pain. It is in Beta mode, so hopefully it will work for you. Click the "View Full Story" button if you want to view it full screen at Photobucket. I have tons more photos but wasn't sure I should post individual shots of the guests on the internet. I didn't understand how it worked and thought I could make changes any time, but I guess I hit save one too many times (afraid I'd lose my work) and it's "done" even though I wasn't done.  So please forgive that it isn't perfect, but hopefully it is good enough.

AinsleysMomsPics's Red Carpet Party album on Photobucket

Funny enough during the party planning I ran into a lady at the party store who asked me for some advice. I told her not to worry about it too much because as long as the kids are together with their friends and have some food they are going to have fun. And it's so true. So next year I'm going to take my own advice about what a party really requires. Wait a minute did I say next year? I didn't mean to.


  1. Susan....
    I love, love, love that picture of Ainsley!! Good luck on her sleeping adjustments!! Change can be hard.... But, it is always, in the long run, good for the personal evolution of your character!! Do you suppose we could convince Ainsley of that? Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D

  2. All I have to say is WOW with that party! I thought I was creative having a chocolate foundu party foe my 9 year old.
    We put Natalie in her twin bed about 6 weeks ago. She sleeps so much better now. She was too long. I'm sure Ainsley will adjust quickly once she is comfortable with all the room!
    Karen (Natalie's mom)

  3. Love the pictures of the party! It actually doesn't look like as difficult a party to throw as say, the camp party. Or definitely the Harry Potter party! I love how you think of everything - like you and Steve getting all dressed up. That's totally awesome and I love that picture of you two! You look fabulous!

    Harlie slept so much better when we put her in a real bed. I didn't realize how much she tossed and turned before. And it was an immediate change when she got the big bed. I hope Ainsley is loving it!