Mar 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day! And stuff.

I hope you all have a nice St. Patty's day. Here is a Cute St. Patty's Day Card that I sent to family and friends (if I had your e-mail address). It's very fun for the kids, so gather them around the computer. It's nice that St. Patty's day fell on a Sunday though I got pinched twice before I got out of bed (waiting for my caffeine to take effect). Note to self: Must wear green pajamas next year, or wake up first. We started out the day with a special breakfast of green eggs, sausage "patty's" and toast before Steve headed to work (yep on a Sunday and holiday). I am so ready for "crunch" to be over. Supposedly tomorrow is the last day. It can't get here soon enough. 

Ainsley's 1st Nebulizer Treatment of Tobridex for Pseudomonas. Why they sent me parts that don't fit I don't know, but we got it to work. I'm undecided about whether it's effective. She's been on antibiotics since Monday and the Lactobacillus Granules (they are kept in the pharmacy refrigerator)  have helped with the diarrhea.
Ainsley's still coughing up a ton of secretions but is getting better each day. After missing more than an entire week of school, I'm hoping that she'll have recovered over the weekend and be able to return to school on Monday. She was supposed to have her IEP last Thursday but she (and I, plus the teacher actually) were too sick and we rescheduled for next Thursday . I need to get better myself. I hate being sick. (Who doesn't really?) I've had a headache for 3 weeks and my nose is so stuffy I can barely breathe. Whatever is going on in my sinuses is affecting my ears and giving me vertigo again (remember that, I'm so glad it eventually went away and trust it will again). I need to do some programming to Ainsley's communication device(for school activities), but I've put it off since we were sick.

She has made a lot of progress with her communicator. It's exciting and I can't wait to have some time to make some videos to show our setup for all our friends who also use them. On occasion when Ainsley wakes up she complains about her feet (by crying and pointing). I brought her communicator on Friday and without prompting she said I feel: hurt: in my: finger & feet. I think she gets pins and needles. With her being unable to speak it's difficult to know for sure but I can't think of any other reason for pain in those areas.


I've got a ton to do around this house, especially in the yard if I'm hosting Easter (which I am to give my SIL a break). It's early this year, only 2 weeks from today, can that be right? Invitations to the family are coming...I swear. It's hard to get much done when I'm sick, home alone with the kids, and Ainsley requires so much care. Doesn't it seem like just when we are done with one holiday or event another is just around the corner?!

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  1. Wow. Our past few weeks sound eerily similar! We are all recovering here, too. And Harlie has also had bloody secretions and a ton of coughing. Spring and warmer weather just can't get here soon enough!

    I can't wait to see some videos of the communication device in action. And your Easter celebration. I hope Ainsley feels better soon and gets back to school!

    Hang in there!
    Love ya,
    Christy xo