Mar 22, 2013

Snow For Easter?

Steve had to go in to work at 5:30am to play test their game. That left me to get Evie off to school. Her bus comes at 6:45. I am NOT a morning person. Today was the first time I've gotten up at 6am in a very long time. Imagine my surprise when it was SNOWING!
Evie and I had a nice little morning, walking to the bus in darkness with the snow falling around us. She caught snowflakes in her mouth and took pictures of us together on her IPod.
It made me a little nervous to leave Ainsley at home by herself, but Evie catches the bus on a 45 mile per hour road, and she is only 12. So I don't like her to be out there by herself. On a positive note I did another trach change yesterday and she was okay, (no turning blue like the week she was sick) so at least I don't feel like if she accidentally decannulated she would DIE. But we NEVER leave her alone. Of course she was asleep...But still. I hope this is a one time occurrence.
Later this is the view from the dining room. Adrian was so excited to see snow when he woke up! He gets up a lot earlier than he needs to so he went out and played in the snow before school.
My house is situated among a lot of trees so it's quite dark inside. Sometimes I can't tell that the sun is shining on a beautiful day. But when it snows it reflects the light into the house and it's so much brighter.  We must have nearly 2 inches. My house is glowing.
We are still doing nebulizer treatments (it was a 14 day script) so I got Ainsley up a little early and she watched a Martha Speaks while she got her treatment and I simultaneously tube fed her breakfast. She kept pointing outside over and over agains. It's times like these that I so wish she could talk.  I think she was excited, but maybe she was perplexed. Maybe she wanted to ask why. Or just to talk about how pretty it is. It makes me sad to think of how many conversations we've missed.
I was out shopping for table linens (I've needed new table linens for every holiday this year and I'm shopping late since Ainsley was sick and Steve was gone, UGH. It's frustrating because nothing is left.) and decorations for Easter yesterday and was chatting with a man in line. He was funny. Boisterous and friendly. Maybe a little crazy. Those people always seem to strike up conversation with me. We chatted about the unusual weather (then rain, then sun, rain again, plus strong winds) and how there was no snow this year while we waited. Of course I had to say how we weren't going to get any snow this year, and jinxed us. Can you believe it snowed the same night?! I'll be happy as long as it's gone before Easter. Can you imagine an egg hunt in the snow? The kids declared that would be SO FUN! I think I foolishly said there is NO WAY that'll happen. I sure hope I don't jinx myself again. What was I thinking saying that out loud?!
I hope you have a good weekend. Adrian has his first 2 baseball games of the season. Steve is expected (notice I'm not going to risk jinxing that one) to be home for pretty much the first weekend since Christmas break.  We will be preparing for Easter. I hope you have a great weekend!

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