Feb 26, 2013

Guess What This Is

I'm sorry this isn't going to be the post you were hoping for. I've got a ton of great party pictures to share but my memory card is currently holding 14GB (including video footage) and even after deleting about 1,000 pictures over the past 2 days I have a mere 3GB free space (out of 918GB). I am eager to share them, reallllly, so I promise I'll get them up as soon as I can get my IT guy home to work on it (husband Steve).

Do you follow the NieNie Dialogues? I do. I always look forward to her posts when I open up my Blogger dashboard. She also writes a column called Nie Asks on BlogHer. And if you haven't you should read her book, Heaven Is Here. It's great. It and Wonder are the only books I made the time to read last year. (Except Special Needs books for Ainsley of course.) Recently Stephanie asked which picture do people NEED her to see?  It gives me an excuse to post this picture, which I've had  for well over a month but could never quite figure out a way to work it neatly into a post.

First I'm going to share the picture and I want you to guess what it is you are looking at and why I think it is so amusing.

Ready? Here it is:

Okay, now what is it?
Yes it's a toy. But that's not specific enough.
Do you give up?
Here's a hint: You'd have to have a young son to have any clue what-so-ever. And he would have to like video games (that's a given though isn't it?).
The real question is not so much what this is but what it represents and why I laugh every time I see it.
And it just goes to show that Ainsley watches us carefully and notices an awful lot. And that she really wants to do the things she sees us doing.
So what it is: is a Skylander portal. Adrian got it for Christmas from Santa. It's part of a video game (for Wii or PlayStation). The way it works is that you buy figures and place them on the portal to unlock the characters and play them in the game. The more figures you have the more characters you can play. (Marketing genius for sure.)
You might be saying "But hey wait a minute! That looks like Jack-Jack from The Incredibles and SlinkyDog from Toy Story." And you would be right.
We have a giant basket of animated movie characters in our TV room. Ainsley loves to play with them. I guess after watching Adrian place his Skylanders characters on the portal (for many many hours during Christmas break) she decided to do the same, but with her movie figures.  When I spied them on the portal I laughed out loud. I'm so glad saw it and snapped a picture. It still makes me laugh every time I see it.
Now if only it worked that way. I'd love to see a giant Jack-Jack invade the Skylanders game.
You never know what that Ainsley is going to do. She keeps me on my toes.


  1. Susan....
    I have heard of that Blog!! Huh. I guess I get around!! It was on the sidebar of somebody else's Web site, but I do not frequent it. What a story, huh? What an incredible example this dear woman is!! I have not read her book, however. ;)
    Ainsley. A girl who lacks more physical abilities than anybody ever should. Yet she is freakin' smart!! Besides. Observation is an ability in its own right!! Great story!! Thanks for sharing!! ;-D