Feb 18, 2013

My Baby Then and Now

Today at 7:20 pm I will officially have survived 12 years of parenting. It is joyous, it is tiring, it is a million mundane moments punctuated by moments that I'll never forget. I remember the feeling of anticipation as I gazed down at my huge pregnant belly and looked at the beautiful snow falling outside my window. The world was quiet and still. I knew change was coming but really had no idea just how much my life would change in a few short hours. I could never have imagined all that the next twelve years would have in store for me. Being a parent is so much more than I ever thought prior to that moment when I became one nearly 12 years ago.   My greatest accomplishments and my greatest failings are all wrapped up in this thing called Motherhood.

I've written about it in the past so I won't write too much today because I have other things to do, like take the kids out bike riding because Evie got a new bicycle for her birthday. (Ainsley in her walker, we're still raising funds and planning to get her a trike in the spring). She is getting so tall that we actually bought her an adult bike for her birthday so she can keep it for the rest of her life! Crazy is what that is! If there was a pause button for life I would use it right now and keep her this age for awhile longer. The changes that are coming are coming fast. She is so beautiful right now and even though I know she will be a strong, caring, creative, amazing (& beautiful) woman one day, a part of me wants her to remain my baby forever.

My baby then.
And now.
She's wanted to be eleven, she said, "for her whole life" because in the Harry Potter books Harry is 11 when he goes off to Hogwarts. She was so sad about turning 12 because it meant not getting to go to Hogwarts herself at age 11, that I promised her we'd do a photo shoot of her in her HP gear while she was still 11 as a way to hold onto that. I got some great shots but will just share one right now. (My computer is still teetering on the brink of being overstuffed and it makes blogging difficult. I had Valentine's photos I wanted to share. You should have seen Ainley playing charades it was the cutest thing! Oh our nutty life. Steve is working on a solution, but he needs some time at home. Hopefully his work schedule will improve drastically by the end of February. Even I'm tired of hearing myself whine about it. But I digress...) I have done a lot of crazy things because of this girl I love so much. She is creative too and together we are dangerous.  Who knows, maybe some day we'll become mother daughter party planners.  She is having a Red Carpet sleep over party this weekend and it's going to be fabulous! Likely I won't have a chance to post again until it's over. Have a great week!


  1. "My greatest accomplishments and my greatest failings are all wrapped up in this thing called Motherhood."

    Amen to that Susan! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Evie.

  2. Susan....
    Good, she can have her own bicycle to scratch up while riding way too fast around corners in your neighborhood!! That is what I did as a teenager!! On my Mom's bicycle!! I was reckless, flew a loose helmet off of my head, returned home with bloody scrapes!! Hopefully she will not be such an incredible daredevil!! (Mom knows nothing about any of this!!) ;)
    I cannot wait until your picture problem is corrected!! I really want to see Ainsley playing charades!! ;-D

  3. So beautiful! Then and now. I cannot wait to see what you guys put together for her party! Happy belated Birthday to Evie!!