Feb 6, 2010

Surgery Monday?

It's been a tiring week that I am thankful is drawing to a close. Ainsley has had a low grade fever that has had me very worried. Normally it would be the kind of thing you'd ignore. But since she is scheduled to go in for surgery on Monday I've been VERY nervous. Especially since this is not our first or second but our THIRD date. Despite keeping her home from school it looks like she caught a virus from me. Even though I avoided going out of the house as much as possible and used hand sanitizer every time I did.  Lady luck isn't on my side. Overall it seems to be quite mild so that is good, except it made it unclear if I should reschedule or not. The fear is that if it turns into a cough it would be bad for her recovery. It's not great to have your tonsils removed and then do a lot of coughing because there is already a risk of bleeding post surgery, especially given the large size of her tonsils. Of course we don't know if a cough might develop at the last moment but since it's Saturday and things are looking pretty good I'd say there is about a 70/30% chance she'll get her surgery. Earlier this week I was guessing the chances at 50/50% so thing are improving. But if she has a fever of 100.4 within 24 hours then we will have to cancel.We will keep you all posted. As it stands we will bring her in at 6:45 Monday to be evaluated. If they think she's okay the surgery will proceed.


  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Miss A to get all better & make that date with her surgeon. Austin's post DLB update will post on Monday so if you have time while waiting you can read all about it.

  2. Thinking of your family today Susan, as well as you Ainsley.


  3. Susan - I hope Ainsley is feeling better today and surgery is a go. Thinking of you today.