Feb 18, 2010

9 Years

9 years I've been a parent to this beautiful girl. If I close my eyes I am almost transported back to that day, the day my whole life changed, the day she was born. There was snow on the ground and it was quiet and still almost as if in anticipation of the heaviness of the moment, as we drove off to the hospital at daybreak. I thought I had some idea of what becoming a parent would mean. I had no idea. How can you ever be truly prepared? And then I went on to have a second child. I was a seasoned parent. I knew what I was doing. After having two I thought I knew it all. Nothing could have prepared me for the birth of my third child and how much more challenging it really could be. I love being a mom. It's been an incredible 9 years of happiness but also pain. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. You do what you must, the best you can, knowing that there will be times you succeed and times you fail, and the sacrifices you will make will be plenty. But the joy and love that children bring into your life makes it all worthwhile. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

The birthday girl opening her gift, a second hand American Girl trunk filled to the brim with a vintage Kirsten doll and all her clothes and things.

Ainsley was jealous. She's turning into quite a doll girl herself. She was begging to hold Kirsten and you can see she is getting to be quite expressive these days. I think she's officially just started pining for her own American Girl doll.

Now we are off to celebrate the end of Evie's 9th birthday with dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and Volcano cake for dessert. It's tradition. I really can't believe my baby girl is 9. I feel I'm passing out of the stage of having little kids. It's made me a little sad but I'm sure I'll bounce back.


  1. Happy 9th Birthday Evie!

    Susan I know sometimes you just sit back and wonder where is the time going, and why is it going so fast? It makes me sad!

    Great present, in Canada the American dolls aren't too popular, but I think they are so cool, also I hear they have their own restaraunts is that true? Great idea if they do! They are truly adorable.

    I think it is crazy how our children's birthdays and ages are so close together, Sloan was a month earlier and turned 9, and our twins are 3 like Ainsley but a day after....or before? Wow!

    Ainsley is in dire need of an American doll also....too cute!

    Enjoy your day Evie and Susan congratulations on your birthing day.

    Hugs to you all!

  2. hope you guys had a wonderful dinner!!! happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!!!

  3. Evie is beautiful! Yes, they grow up so fast .... before you know it she will be getting her driver's permit and having a boyfriend. :) Happy Birthday to Evie!

    I love that Ainsley wants part of the action and is making it known. Too cute.

  4. Happy late Birthday to Evie! I'm already having issues because my oldest will turn SIX in May. Time goes fast when you want it to go slow, and it goes slow when you want it to go fast. I hope you had a great dinner!

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