Oct 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

We usually go to a friend's for her annual pumpkin carving party which is always a lot of fun but this year opted to do it at home. We still had fun doing it at home and listened to Halloween music in the kitchen while we worked.

Ainsley had a blast.

I thought maybe she could scoop out the guts. Nah!

I did make her touch it though. Yuck!

Ainsley looks just like her pumpkin! It was just a coincidence, she was yawning.

The finished results.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. I love the look-a-like picture of Ainsley and her pumpkin :) Looks like everyone had a great time. Can't wait to see pictures of the costumes.

  2. You're so darn good with your kids. I don't even think I called Harlie into the room when we finally carved our pumpkin - last night! We are losers!

    Also - wanted to say I'm glad you have a surgery date. I know exactly what you mean about "looking forward to it." I feel the same way about Harlie's (February ??? still waiting for our date). Looks like shaved heads will be all the rage this winter. Too bad we live on opposite coasts!