Oct 1, 2009

New Fine Motor Skill

It was just an ordinary night and I was in the living room with Ainsley. There were three Playmobil 123 people (slightly larger than the normal Playmobil and safe for little mouths) standing on the table. Sometimes I randomly ask Ainsley to do something just to see what she understands and can do. Often she surprises me. By now nothing should surprise me, but it did. I asked her to pick up the mommy to see if she could differentiate a woman, from a farmer, from a boy. She picked up the boy so I asked her to put the boy back on the table and darn if she didn't deliberately stand it up on it's feet rather than toss it on the table like you'd expect a 2 (almost 3) year old to do . This is no small accomplishment for a girl with fine motor skill challenges since it requires very precise placement of the figure onto its feet for balance. Very cool! What was almost more amazing was that she did it pretty quickly and easily. (She's moving a little quicker these days. Could it actually be the cod liver oil I started adding to her food again a week or so ago that is reported by some to improve brain function? I'm not convinced but am keeping that in the back of my mind and looking at the correlation in timing.) I got her to do it again and caught it on video but we are having technical difficulties at our house so I'll have to add it in after we're back up and running.

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  1. Ah, it truly is the "little" stuff that's huge for our kids. Most moms wouldn't even notice their little ones can do that. And we celebrate stuff like that. And video it!! YAY us moms! And YAY Ainsley! Hopefully some small victories like that will help her want to do more stuff like that.